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Heating and Air Conditioning Testimonials

If it's too good to be true...

Driving into work this morning I was struck by the amount of Heating and Cooling ads I heard advertising tune up prices as low as $59.00


Who really thinks you can get your heating or cooling system "tuned up" for that ridiculous price. My father always told me that if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

Here is the difference....a $59.00 "tune up" is really just a visual inspection designed to sell false hope. All of the credible companies I am aware of can't send a van to a house for 59.00 and not LOSE money. These "door crasher" specials are just a way for struggling companies to keep their technicians from looking at greener pastures. 

I call them the "Wham/Bam/collect the money Scam".

Our Tune Ups are REALLY a TUNE UP. They entail a full 20 point checklist designed to insure the peak performance from your system and the best, most efficient use of your utility dollars. All performed by trained and certified professionals. We check all electrical, gas pressures, refrigerant levels, motors, contacts, coils both in and out, temperature differentials at both coils, burn rates, amp draws and the cleanliness of your duct system. A Full Deal.

My proposal to you for April is a full $50.00 off the regular price of the tune up you choose if you simply mention this blog and schedule for April...before it turns warmer and slots fill up. As an added bonus, we here at Tri County offer Saturday tune up slots at normal rates for those busy families that have two people working Monday through Friday. 

So....Professional service, at a great price, at your convenience What are we waiting for.

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