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Quality Gas Furnace Repairs Can Help...

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Stressed About Costs of a New Furnace?

Quality Gas Furnace Repairs Can Help...

Heating systems are generally fairly easy to maintain. Regular maintenance can save you time and money. Trouble-free functioning lies in understanding your equipment well – if you know what the possible problem areas are, your interaction with experienced technicians will be more productive. Remember that timely and efficient gas furnace repairs can go a long way to avoiding expensive replacements.

What are the possible reasons your gas furnace may be under-performing or not working at all?

  • Thermostat Settings: The thermostat settings can determine whether your gas furnace is working properly or not. Also check the circuit breaker or fuse and determine if the natural gas or propane control valve is closed correctly.

  • Motor functioning: If your furnace is turning on and off more than usual, it’s a sign that something is not right. This could be a result of dirty air filters or poor motor operation.

  • Cleaning air filters: The lack of adequate heat could be caused by a grimy furnace air filter or poorly adjusted gas burners.

  • Hot Surface Igniter or Pilot light: If your pilot light goes out, it’s always a sign of trouble! This could be for a number of reasons—strong drafts, dirt in the tube or even a small hole or leak. Note: furnaces less than 20 years old most commonly employ a hot surface igniter.

  • Noisy system: If the motor is not properly lubricated or doesn’t have proper belt tension, it can cause your system to produce a squealing or squeaking noise.

  • The blower: The thermostat can also determine whether it’s set to blow non-stop.

  • Gas leak test: There is a simple way to find out if there is a gas leak. Hook up a water manometer, pressurizing the system to a prescribed temperature, and wait. A drop in pressure indicates a gas leak.

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We install, maintain and repair all brands of gas furnaces from Trane, Carrier, Mitsubishi, Daikin, Coleman, Ruud and Rheem. Customers know that our team of gas furnace repair specialists have the ability to restore a system to optimal performance. We can quickly identify and resolve the problem with your HVAC system at competitive prices. Contact us online for your gas furnace repairs.

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